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Knife Party
Knife Party cover
EP by Knife Party
Artist Knife Party
Released December 12, 2011
Recorded 2011
Genre Dubstep ,Electro-House
Length 19:52 seconds
Producer Rob Swire & Gareth McGrillen
Knife Party chronology
100% No Modern Talking


Rage Valley

100% No Modern Talking is the first EP by the Australian electro house, moombahtoon and dubstep duo, Knife Party. It was released on December 12, 2011 as a free download on their website, Facebook and Soundcloud as well as being available for purchase on Beatport and iTunes.

Track Listing:[]

No. Title Genre Length
1. Internet Friends Electro House 5:01
2. Destroy Them With Lazers Electro House 4:56
3. Torniquet Electro House 5:17
4. Fire Hive Dubstep 4:38


  • This EP originally was to feature "Back to the Z-List" but was replaced with "Destroy Them With Lasers", as Knife Party no longer liked that track.