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9t is an electronic producer from Munich, Germany. He focuses on a variety of genres and is most notable for his mixes, his actual production tracks are released under his other moniker, "DeZounds".

Personal life[]

I had the pleasure of talking to 9t through his official Facebook profile, and he offered some information to include here. Many thanks to him! - Zmario

9t started mixing/producing in 2009. Originally, he was focused on dubstep and then moved further into the electronic genres. He released various mixes under 9t and publicly uploads them to YouTube. In addition to his production, he also preforms live mixing shows at local events.

My goal is to show people different styles to widen their musical horizon. I'm personally always looking for new styles and new artists and I hope I can help others who do the same. That's why I do so many different genres. I'm a music freak in general and it's even hard to only focus on electronic music since I love Hip Hop, Jazz, Metal and many other styles as well. - 9t

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