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Nineteen is a 16 year old up and coming bass producer producing genres like Colour Bass, Melodic Tearout, Dubstep, Riddim, etc.

He has been producing since 2016 and started releasing in 2018, releasing genres like Ambient Lo-fi and Synthwave. He then taken a break for about 6 months to focus on school and getting better. In late 2019, Nineteen discovered artist Ace Aura, Skybreak and long time inspiration Chime producing Colour Bass, and he felt inspired to do better and follow in their footsteps. Now he is an artist of Outsize Records and started producing Colour trap.

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Fun Facts:

Before Nineteen, he was originally known as 9t33n

The name 9t33n originated from the date of birth, April 19, and just decided to replace the "ee" with "33"

Nineteen is also an AMV editor going under the name FlamingAMVs.

Nineteen's inspirations: Chime, Ace Aura, Skybreak, Sharks, Quartzone, Virtual Riot, Eliminate, Ray Volpe, Modestep, PhaseOne, Myki, Killin' Void, Ipsiom, Kozmoz, Oolacile, Voltra, NUU$HI, Papa Khan, Hexagy, Octane, Paper Skies, NUU$HI, Blosso and Barely Alive.