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AL7AR is a Deathstep music producer and video creator from China mainland. Her preferred pronouns is she or they.

Her first track 'AL7AR's Altar' was published on Netease Music and Bilibili in June 26, 2021, but the earliest work of AL7AR on the Internet is actually the collab song 'Saint Nicholas' with Krampu5.

AL7AR started to upload tracks to SoundCloud and YouTube from 'Pegasus' in December 3, 2021.

In March 14, 2022, AL7AR announced her Sub-Project 'Diabolic Mythe' to publish her music.


AL7AR's tracks was promoted by many YouTube channels, like Hydraulic Damnation, Really Dub, TOMvOYD, Ark Mation Records and so on. The track 'Pegasus' took the second place in Really Dub's Video 'Top 50 Orchestral Deathstep Songs (Chapter 3)', and she also released music in different labels and records like Malice Bloodless and THFLL Audio.


Saint Nicholas (With Krampu5), 2020.12.25

AL7AR's Altar, 2021.6.26

The Alchemist, 2021.7.16

Kenopsia, 2021-08-16

Blossom (With Krampu5), 2021.9.30

Pegasus, 2021.12.03

Helm Of Awe, 2022.2.11

Vampire (With Demonic Pressure), 2022.3.25

Pharmaka (With EvoZ), 2022.5.08

Rhadamantus (With HVLLOW), 2022.9.11

Descending Angel (With SK7N), 2022.12.30