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Shondell Swanson, also known as AFROTRICKS, is an CA based electronic and hip-hop producer and dj.

Early Years[]


Born in Los Angeles, CA, AFROTRICKS grew up in Norwalk, CA where his family soon moved to Lancaster, CA. His family owned a small catering business & his father would provide dj services. As AFROTRICKS grew up in a musically influenced home, his father introduced him to turntables at the age of 9. Soon picking up after his father, he expanded into producing in Reason 4, and learned the basics of music composition. In the summer of 2006, he began to look for opportunities to become a on-air mixshow dj in the antelope valley.

In the 6th grade, he met Big Matt from 100.9 The Heat, they offered him a intern position at the small town radio station as it was just beginning, under the affiliation of Adelman Broadcasting/100.9 The Heat.


Discovering the underground rave scene in the Mojave desert is where AFROTRICKS was born. His family moved up to northern California for more opportunities, as he soon followed. Releasing numerous unofficial remixes on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube, he soon set out to compile his first ever EP 2015-2020.

In June, 2020. He released "Digital Tripper" independently on all platforms.