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Daniel Morar (born on July 11, 1994), better known by his stage name Ambiguu is a bass/electronic dance music producer from Romania. He began his long term journey on the path of the electronic music industry starting august 2012. Slowly but surely he started building his career, joggling with all sorts of music genres, never surrendering himself even though he barely had any idea about the field he was wandering in. In what concerns his music taste, he is merely attracted to anything that is influencing or inspiring his sound, but he never backs down neither does he decline a challenge. Throughout time,he has signed to labels such as: Dub-All or Nothing (“Memories” – 2014), Kairos Audio (“So Much” – 2015, featuring Alex Sin) and AiA ( (“Don’t Stop” – 2015), Swarm Host (Remix of Quba’s “Faya” – 2015). All of these tracks have been released under his older alias, “Vault”



  • Hiding from Myself (2018)


  • Home (HVNDS)