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Angels & Devils

Angels & Devils is the fourth album by electronic artist The Bug. It was released on Ninja Tune in 2014.

Track Listing[]

  1. "Void" (featuring Liz Harris)
  2. "Fall" (featuring Copeland)
  3. "Ascension"
  4. "Mi Lost" (featuring Miss Red)
  5. "Pandi"
  6. "Save Me" (featuring Gonjasufi)
  7. "The One" (featuring Flowdan)
  8. "Function" (featuring Manga)
  9. "Fuck a Bitch" (featuring Death Grips)
  10. "Fat Mac" (featuring Flowdan)
  11. "Fuck You" (featuring Warrior Queen)
  12. "Dirty" (featuring 'Flowdan)