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Arion is one of the seven artists to be featured on Monstercat's LaunchWeek. He released the big electro hit "Cold Blood" & "Ice Cream Cones" which is one of the three tracks from the album that has reached over a million views together with "Dubstep Killed Rock n' Roll" "Atlas" and "Hello?". He returned on Monstercat 002 - Early Stage with a track that didn't get as huge success as his previous one, The BASSEX. On Monstercat 003 - Momentum, Arion released a very unique track, Elements Of Sanity, it has recieved more than 600 000 views and was the 6th most popular track on the album. His least popular track is Spazz Out, released on Monstercat 004 - Identify which has "only" recieved 300 000 views, which is quite low for being Monstercat standards but it's still in the middle of the album popularity-wise. It has recieved over 400 000 views on YouTube and was the first track to be featured in an official album mix on Monstercat, seeing as it's the first track being played. After consistently releasing tracks for the first five albums Arion stopped releasing them through Monstercat. Today he has over 110.000 YouTube subscribers and 120,000 Facebook likes.




  • Cold Blood & Ice Cream Cones
  • Blow ExXxplode
  • The BASSEX
  • Elements Of Sanity
  • Spazz Out


  • Internet Rebellion


  • Justin Beiber - All Around the World