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Art of The Devil is Code:Pandorum's 4th album. At first near the end of 2019, one year after Code:Pandorum's LP "Videodrome", fans expected a 4th album and thought it was in the works. Later, in 2020 Code:Pandorum confirmed the album, with teasers on social media and his Spotify bio had said a fourth studio album was coming. After that, Code:Pandorum released a track called "Art of The Devil", then releasing "Purpose" and "Fade To Black", featuring Grime artist Vulgatron. After that, on Spotify, he made a playlist called 'Art of The Devil LP Preview" featuring all three songs mentioned before. Then Code:Pandorum released another song featuring Kid Bookie (Grime Artist) "Streets of Rage". Shortly after, he released the album Art of The Devil, in its full entirety.


  • Code:Pandorum - Art of The Devil
  • Code:Pandorum - Forgive Us
  • Code:Pandorum - Purpose
  • Code:Pandorum feat. Vulgatron - Fade To Black
  • Code:Pandorum - Illusion
  • Code:Pandorum - Sacrament
  • SnoWhite and Code:Pandorum - Eclipse
  • Code:Pandorum feat. Kid Bookie - Streets of Rage
  • Code:Pandorum and TenGraphs - Inferno
  • Code:Pandorum - The Reaping
  • Code:Pandorum feat. Qoiet - Purge
  • Code:Pandorum - The Hunt
  • Code:Pandorum feat. Advm Stone - Soldiers