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Since 2013, BassGorilla at the forefront of teaching Bass Music Production. We employ top producers in DnB, Dubstep, Future Bass, Glitch Hop and other bass genres to teach you step-by-step how they create the tracks that have propelled them to success.

We're on a mission to provide our community with all the tools they need to supercharge their electronic music production skills and live their dream life in the music industry. 

Our approach sets us apart from our competitors by providing you with access to a broad network of professionals to advance your production skills, marketing expertise or live performances. We employ top producers, experienced staff and music industry professionals to share their secrets with you and support your musical journey. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, we are sure the BassGorilla family will prove to be a valuable partner in achieving your goals.

With a particular passion for bass music, our producers and staff are constantly innovating to create their own unique styles and sub-genres. Drawing on the latest technology and sound design trends, we are confident that our know-how and our contacts will give you the edge you need so that music-making can be your lifestyle of choice.