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Bear Grillz

Bear Grillz

Bear Grillz is an American electronic dance music DJ and record producer based in Denver, Colorado. He appeared on The Jerry Springer Show to reveal his identity, which was previously hidden in a bear costume. Using a MacBook Pro, he watched music production tutorials on YouTube prior to developing his musical career. He is also the founder of Rude Service records.


"The High Grade"

  • High Grade
  • CDJ Hero
  • Demons
  • The End Is Nigh

"They Made Us Change the Name"

  • Rise Up
  • Stick 'Em Up
  • They Made Us Change the Name
  • Wolf Whistle


  • #Thirsty feat. Mayor Apeshit

"Bear Grillz & Friends Volume 1"

"The Unbearable"

  • Praise It
  • Shark Attack
  • DTF
  • Triple Threat (w/ Datsik & Twine) (feat. General Jah Mikey)

"Bear Grillz & Friends Volume 2"

  • EDM (w/ Getter)
  • Get Down (w/ DJ Bl3nd)
  • Bend It Over Gurl (w/ ETC!ETC!)
  • Marijuana (w/ Trollphace)

"EDM Remixed"

  • EDM (w/ Getter)
  • EDM (VIP)
  • EDM (Protohype Remix)
  • EDM (Kennedy Jones Remix)

"Mo Honey Mo Problems"

  • Fuck Bitches Get Honey
  • Every Day
  • Going Down (Under)
  • Back On Top

"The Game"

"This Is Your Brain On Dubstep"

  • Hold On
  • Rage (feat. Sullivan King)
  • Brain On Dub
  • Long Run (feat. Selah Ford)
  • Honey Drop (w/ Kompany) (feat. Sam King)

Other Non-EP Songs

  • Datsik - Fuck Off w/ Bear Grillz
  • Pegboard Nerds - End Is Near (Fire In The Hole VIP) [Bear Grillz Remix]
  • Excision - Night Shine (Bear Grillz Remix)
  • Gurlz
  • Terror Shards
  • Zeds Dead - Symphony (Bear Grillz Remix)
  • Bear Grillz x P0gman - Shootout
  • Bear Grillz x Terravita - Pusher