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Black Ops XL III is the third entry in the XL branch of Never Say Die: Black Label's Black Ops compilation series, and was released on 4 December 2020. The compilation was put together and mixed by Akeos.

The album is 1 hour and 23 minutes long (including the 45 minute continuous mix by Akeos).

This was the final Black Ops entry before being moved onto Never Say Die Records, following Black Label's demise. The series continued in Black Ops: Enhanced.

No. Artist(s) Title Runtime
01. Akeos & JOOL Voltage Disk 03:19
02. Syzy Yakisoba 04:48
03. Aweminus Intagalantic 04:47
04. Neonix Spacewalk 03:50
05. Akeos Starbow Break 03:20
06. Guillotine Apex 03:31
07. BLVNKSPVCE Computer Milk 03:46
08. Akeos Radio Wave 3-46 03:46
09. Knoir EMUU 04:05
10. Veer Dysfunction 03:25
11. Akeos Black Ops XL III- Continuous Mix 45:00