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Blood Code is an electronic music producer who creates chiptune, EDM music with retro video game sound effects. He began his career in 2007, at the time working at Nintendo of America as a QC Engineer. A hardware engineer there, whom had helped make the original GameBoy, offered to mod his for making music. These mods included a backlit screen, prosound mod, and a Super GameBoy CPU. Not long after that, Blood Code began to search "the chiptune underground to find and develop his sound." He quickly fine-tuned his skill with chiptune sound and set out on bringing his dream of taking "retro sounds and modernizing them with today's production tools" to reality. A lot of the sounds within his music are made from GameBoy, Commodore 64, and NES systems. This is achieved via modded cartridges that allow the bypassing and usage of their sound chip synthesis.



  • Phazon
  • Fusion
  • Image of the Invisible - Remix
  • DADoES
  • Luma
  • This Could Be Love - Alkaline Trio Cover
  • Phazon (Cray Gore Remix)
  • Dr. Tongue's Castle of Terror
BC 1


  • Rick and Morty - Moonmen (Cover)
  • Phazon (Maekshift Remix)
  • Casino Zone (with Graz)
  • Self Entitled
  • Wratchet and Dank