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Christian Hayward is an electronic music vocalist who began his career on November 30, 2019.

Though he just recently began his singing career, Christian has worked with some larger and smaller names in the underground electronic community such as: Skybreak, Rob Gasser, Infowler, Blosso, and other artists from the Rushdown Records Community.

Hayward's career began ever since his debut feature, "Clockwork" with Skybreak and Infowler released on Rushdown Records.



• Skybreak & Infowler - Clockwork (ft. Christian Hayward) [Rushdown Records]

• Sky Roses - Beloved (with Christian Hayward) [The Landing Strip Records]

• Rob Gasser - All Alone (ft. Christian Hayward) [Form]

• Infowler - Farther (ft. Christian Hayward)