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Cyrus is a dubstep producer hailing from Croydon.  


His rise to notoriety came about in late 2003 when he launched his independent record label RTP or Random Trio Productions. The label provided Cyrus with a platform to push his deep, meditative take on bass music into the dark garage scene. His first full release on RTP was a collection of tunes titled Lost city ep.[2] Prior to its release in 2004, Lost city was gaining popularity on the pirate radio circuit and club circuit with plays from top DJs including Kode9. Due to increased exposure for RTP, Cyrus was asked to fill a regular slot on the pirate radio station Rinse FM in 2004. During 2004 on Rinse FM, Cyrus was part of a group of DJs pushing the Dubstep sound making him a pioneer of the scene. The next big step up for Cyrus came about in 2005 when Rob Ellis (Pinch), head of Bristol based record label Tectonic recordings released Cyrus' Random Trio EP. By this time Cyrus has also collaborated on the creation of renowned dubstep website Getdarker.



  • Lost City EP (2004, re-released 2005)
  • Haunted (Jan 2007)
  • Random Trio - Press Button (2007)
  • Redrum (2007)
  • Corruption (Aug 2008)
  • Random Trio presents Cyrus- White sand (29th Sept 2008)
  • Beatwise/Scanner (2010)
  • Minimal (2010)

Other Releases[]

Cyrus has released on several other labels including:

  • 3.5
  • Tectonic 
  • Eight FX 
  • Southside Dubstars
  • Origin Audio (Cyrus and Tunnidge's label)
  • Tempa (as part of the critically acclaimed Dubstep Allstars series
  • Massey Rodgers
  • Insect 
  • Immigrant Recordings
  • Dubwar
  • Chestplate Records

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