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Isaiah Major, (born January 9, 1970, Chicago, Illinois, United States) best known as DJ Rush, is an American musician, DJ and record producer of electronic music.



Year Title Label
1996 Klub Kids Trax Records
1996 Rush Rules Trax Records
1996 Doing It To Death Force Inc. Music Works
2000 97/99 Motherfuckin' Tracks Omnisounds
2000 Shall We Dance? Pro-Jex

Singles & EPs[]

Year Title Label
1991 Knee Deep Saber Records
1991 Childs Play Dance Mania
1995 Returns Dance Mania
1995 Show Me A Man Relief Records
1995 Drum Major E.P. Force Inc. Music Works
1996 The Vicious E.P. Force Inc. Music Works
1996 Mind Games EP Cosmic Records
1996 The Flex Kne' Deep
1996 Get Funky Circuit Records
1996 Punch It Djax-Up-Beats
1997 Rhythm, Drums & Style Force Inc. Music Works
1997 Ooo La La Mental Groove Records
1997 DJ Rush & Nerk - The 8 N 9 EP V-Records Berlin
1997 The Breaks E.P. Pro-Jex
1997 EP Relief Records
1997 Robo' Tripp'n Force Inc. Music Works
1997 Maniac Djax-Up-Beats
1998 The Bomb High Octane Recordings
1998 Spitball EP Pro-Jex
1998 Remixes Part 2 Mental Groove Records
1998 Remixes Part 1 Basic Beat Recordings
1998 DJ Rush vs Paul Langley - Analog Showbiz EP Predicaments
1998 Lesson I Force Inc. Music Works
1998 Traks Couture Djax-Up-Beats
1998 Marathon Man Djax-Up-Beats
1998 Remixes Part 1 Mental Groove Records
1998 Homecoming EP High Octane Recordings
1999 Freaks On Hubbard Remixes Pro-Jex
1999 Session Session Recordings
1999 Feeling Lik A Woman High Octane Recordings
1999 One Two Zero Pro-Jex
1999 Lesson II Force Inc. Music Works
1999 My Favorite Things Utils (record label)
1999 Swingin' Da Drums Djax-Up-Beats
1999 Boomerang EP High Octane Recordings
2000 Look And See (Remixes) Pro-Jex
2000 Dawn Of The Recent Modular Music Channel
2000 Lollipop Terminal M
2000 Jack Your Body EP Hörspielmusik
2000 Breakthrough Djax-Up-Beats
2001 Get On Down Pro-Jex
2001 Motherfucking Bass T:Classixx
2001 Club Freaks Djax-Up-Beats
2001 Mental Problems Djax-Up-Beats
2002 Get On Up Remix E.P. Pro-Jex
2002 DJ Rush vs. Paul Langley - Guestlist Superstars E.P. Predicaments
2002 Pounding Grooves / DJ Rush - Pounding Grooves Remixed 01-11 Pounding Grooves Remixed
2002 Going Back INEX Music Works
2002 Highballin' EP Highball Music
2003 Whip Raff Trax Records
2003 Ghetto Fabulous Jackstar Recordings
2003 My Palazzo Beatdisaster Records
2003 The Family (Remixes) Djax-Up-Beats
2003 Ladies EP Djax-Up-Beats
2003 Partytime E.P. Terminal M
2003 Djax-Up-Beat (Remixes) Djax-Up-Beats
2003 Club Freaks (Remixes) Djax-Up-Beats
2003 Let's Change Pro-Jex
2003 The Rebirth EP Utils (record label)
2003 Heart And Soul EP Pro-Jex
2004 DJ Rush 'n Eric Sneo - I Control The Base / Beatboxx T:Classixx
2004 Funk U Up Pro-Jex
2005 My Palazzo (Remixes) Beatdisaster Records
2005 Yeah It's Me Djax-Up-Beats
2005 DJ Rush & Robert Natus - For The Kidz Bitshift Music
2006 Heavy In Fashion EP Equator (record label)
2006 Pussy Pop'n Djax-Up-Beats
2006 Amazon Farewell... The Mixes Dark House Music
2007 DJ Rush / Alex Kvitta - Two Of A Kind E.P. Kne' Deep
2007 DJ Rush vs. DJ Ocram - The Golden X EP Combat Skill
2009 Major Damage E.P. Cause Records
2009 You Better Ask Somebody EP Kne' Deep
2010 DJ Rush Vs Bruce (17) - Rhythm Composers EP Kne' Deep
2010 Rhythm, Juicy & Drum EP Kne' Deep
2012 DJ Rush / J. Fernandes / Huma-Noyd - United! Kne' Deep
2012 DJ Rush & Hirte* - Evil EP Truth Tracks
2013 She's Fine (Gary Beck Remix) BEK Audio
2013 J. Fernandes / DJ Rush - Jaula EP Kne' Deep
2014 The Evidence EP Kne' Deep
2014 Major Power EP Kne' Deep
Unknown Boomerang Remix EP Not On Label