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Death & Magic
Death & Magic cover
Studio album by MUST DIE!
Artist MUST DIE!
Released September 30th, 2014
Recorded 2013 - 2014
Genre Dubstep, Trap
Length 39:24 seconds
MUST DIE! chronology
Fever Dream Pt. II
Death & Magic (2014) Hellcat (Remixes)

Death & Magic is the debut album from MUST DIE! This would also be his first release on OWSLA.

The lead single "Hellcat" was released on 13 August 2014.

On September 16 2014, the album was put up for pre-order on iTunes, along with the next single, "Gem Shards"

The next day, on September 17 2014, the next single, "Imprint", featuring Australian vocalist Tkay Maidza was made available.

Track Listing:[]

No Title Genre Length
1 Gem Shards Dubstep 5:05
2 Together Trap 4:20
3 Zipper (Ft. Datsik & Ragga Twins) Dubstep 3:01
4 Filter System (Ft. Descender) Trap 3:24
5 Imprint (Ft. Tkay Maidza) Trap 3:51
6 Feathers Dubstep 3:22
7 Hellcat Electro House 4:31
8 Project Ghost Dubstep 3:54
9 Pay Me (Ft. Mantis) Dubstep 3:28
10 Star Throne Electronic 4:28


  • Originally the Album was canceled twice & MUST DIE! was unaware of it each time.
  • The album was also supposed to be released on Never Say Die Records but was changed later on.
  • MUST DIE! didn't want Skrillex to be in the album since that would be the only track getting attention.
  • Datsik didn't want to be credited as a feature since he thought he didn't do much with the track.