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Disciple Alliance, Vol. 1 is the first compilation album of the Disciple Alliance series published by Disciple Recordings. It was released on August 17, 2014.


No. Track Artist(s) Length Genre(s) Featured Artist(s)
1 Cat & Mouse Dodge & Fuski 3:41 Dubstep
2 Earthsphere (VIP) Astronaut 4:26 Electro
3 Shudder Barely Alive 4:03 Glitch Hop Coppa
4 Gangsters Virtual Riot 3:55 Dubstep
5 Leave Diamond Eyes 3:48 Dubstep


Returning Artists[]

Debuting Artists[]

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  • Backstory of this compilation:
    • Disciple Recordings proudly present the first in a new series of in-house label artist compilations, Disciple Alliance, Vol. 1. Featuring tracks from Dodge & Fuski, Astronaut, Barely Alive, Diamond Eyes and label newcomer Virtual Riot, the series kicks off showcasing the diversity of talent Disciple have built so far. For the latest in upfront bass music, keep your eyes on Disciple.