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Dubsidia are a fresh and filth music-duo based mostly in Spain that have a mad energetic stage presence and your bound to get a reaction with every banger they drop. Aboard standout tracks like 'Kill Humans' and 'Elekktroshokk' they have additionally created a reputation for themselves remixing Calvertron, Tim Healey, Downlink, Elite Force, Starkillers, Melleefresh, Dirtyloud and linguistic communication in radical, Rottun, Play Me, poor et al.



They have toured Europe, US, Canada, Asia and the African nation with another U.S. Tour planned for summer 2012 and Australian Tour in October, 2012.

Nowadays they're collaborating with Moby in a very special collaboration project, remixing huge names and obtaining the support of artists like Skrillex and Borgore.

Dubsidia produce music for DJs and dance-floors that's fascinating enough to cross over from the clubs to your MP3 player.


1. Escape From The Monster - Original Mix


2. Elekktroshockk - Original Mix
3. Here Comes Trouble
4. Kill Humans
5. Elekktroshockk
6. Kill Humans (Dirtyloud Remix)
7. Kill Humans - Original Mix
8. Ganja Monsta
9. Marvel
10. Kill Humans (Original Mix)
11. All Systems
12. I Kill You in My Dream
13. Dont Tell It
14. Don't Tell It
15. 2AM
16. kill humans-original mix
17. Ganja Monsta - Original Mix
18. Pasta Gangsta
19. Like a Blizzard
20. La Locura
21. Twilight
22. Like a Blizzard (Original Mix)
23. Ganas De Molestar
24. Unspoken Rule
25. 2am (Original Mix)
26. Marvel (Original Mix)
27. Beautiful Waste Of Time
28. Kill Humans (Dirty Loud Remix)
29. Elekktroshockk (Original Mix)
30. In My Head (ft. CoMa)
31. Unspoken Rule - Original Mix
32. La Locura (Original Mix)
33. Methematic
34. Lummox
35. Chorizo feat. Sawgood (Original Mix)
36. Pasta Gangsta - Original Mix
37. Ganja Monsta (VIP)
38. In My Head
39. Unspoken Rule (Original Mix)
40. Chorizo
41. All Systems (Original Mix)
42. Senator - Original Mix
43. Elekktroshockk | Dubstep Sector
44. In My Head (feat. CoMa)
45. I Kill You in My Dream (Original Mix)
46. Culpable - Original Mix
47. Z (Original Mix)
48. On The Road A Gain
49. the after life
50. Premio - Original Mix