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Dubstep is a online dubstep radio first launched in April 10, 2007 based in Silicon Valley. It features a variety of dubstep songs, videos, podcasts, and livestreams.

Features[] offers live video and audio streaming. Audio streaming comes in two formats: AAC and MP3 and 4 bitrates: 256k, 128k, 64k, and 24k. Video streaming comes in 2 formats, HLS and FLV. All streams are HD 1280x720 H264 video and 256k AAC audio. offers an archive feature, which lets its user download anything that was previously on the air.

Tune ID is a unique feature, as it lets users find out the song that is currently playing through the use of a bot that uses the same technology as Shazam and Soundhound, although results might not be accurate.

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