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The music that is impossible to categorize, but, as described by David Stubbs (the Quietus), answers the question as to what happens after Burial. Captivating sound of Eleven Tigers embodies the entire spectrum of styles and combines the “best ideas from the past two decades of electronic music, including hyperactive drum n’ bass beats, Burial’s underwater dubstep, plus dark ambience and the reverberations of post-apocalyptic cityscapes” (RVA). Originally from Lithuania, Jokubas Dargis aka Eleven Tigers now lives and creates in London. 

In his teens, the musician played drums and listened to everything from Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins to early acid-jazz. It did not take long though before he became obsessed with electronics and started taking in influences coming from the cut&paste (Coldcut, DJ Vadim, The Cinematic Orchestra), minimalist (Steve Reich), experimental (Autechre, Apparat) and then atmospheric ambient music (Biosphere). 

In 2007 Eleven Tigers moved to London in search of new inspiration. He found it. The performer was blown away by the sound of Burial and began his own experimentations in dubstep. Eleven Tigers started out with the tracks such as Branches and Shanty that were both self-distributed through the or channels. The overwhelming feedback received from his listeners kept Eleven Tigers going up until he was recognized by the “godmother” of dubstep, Mary Anne Hobbs, who played his ‘Prosthesis’ on her ‘Experimental’ show on BBC Radio 1. This was the turning point in Eleven Tigers’ career. He finally came to realisation where he belonged in music and his signature track Stableface was born. 

Eleven Tigers started performing live and was noticed by Wigflex and Soul Motive labels. “As I play my music live I find that the best happens unexpectedly… improvised,” he says. Maybe that is why the performer’s debut album Clouds Are Mountains released 05 June 2010 on Soul Motive incorporates various aspects of improvised instrumentality. By creating a new high-water mark for electronic music Eleven Tigers immerses you into a determined and affirmative sound that is well indebted to atmosphere.

As for today, Eleven Tigers’ fantasy hunt involves realising innovative ideas for his new album and absorbing every new experience: “I do not really care anymore if my music is associated with dubstep or not. I just continue to look for inspirations and write the music I love,” he says.


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