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"Engine Block"
Extended play by Audeka (feat. Rawtekk)
Released 30 January 2018
Recorded 2017
Genre Neuro, Liquid, Ambient
Label MethLab

Engine Block is the seventh EP by American trio Audeka. It was released on 30 January 2018 on MethLab Recordings.

This EP saw the trio return to their more mechanical sound, after exploring more spiritual sounds on their previous release, their debut album Lost Souls.

For this release, the trio primarily focused on making the EP sound like a machine, with various basses and leads utilised to give off this feel.

The EP is long enough to be considered an album, although it is listed as an EP.


No Title Genre Length
1. Ignition Coil Electronic 7:42
2. Intake Manifold Neurostep 6:48
3. Direct Injection Neurofunk 4:15
4. Torque Limit Halftime Drum & Bass 4:35
5. Compression Ratio Neurofunk 6:05
6. Combustion Chamber Neurostep 5:15
7. Dark Energy (with Rawtekk) Liquid Dubstep / Ambient 9:25

EP Length: 44:05