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Akeos - Flesh Garden EP

Flesh Garden EP is Akeos' fourth and final Never Say Die release, proceeding Material EP on the mainline label and Labyrinth EP and Insomnia EP on Black Label. The EP was proceeded by Libellule EP on NULLSECT.

Flesh Garden EP is a departure from Akeos' NSD and Disciple work wherein dubstep and riddim were the main genres featured, this time instead focusing on trap, drum & bass and bass house.

Flesh Garden EP released on 4 March 2022 and has a runtime of 14 minutes and 3 seconds.


No. Title Genre Runtime
01. Void Virus Hybrid Trap 03:25
02. PLZW8 House 03:57
03. KHZ Drum & Bass 03:06
04. Desolate (with Nvctve) Trap 03:33