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Flip Out
Flip Out cover
Studio album by Scraton
Artist Scraton
Released June 16th, 2017
Recorded 2017
Genre Dubstep
Length 40:00 Minutes
Scraton chronology
Flip Out (2017) One Week In L.A

Flip Out is the eights album from Scraton.


"The year 2017 brings us a full open minded take on a brand new style of melodic hybrid dance genre. Pure life event inspired piece delivering all the strength and energy needed through the power of sound and important meaning behind it."

"Reaching deep within your thoughts about life and asking yourself what path to take, so you do the right choice? Follow what feels close to you no matter how steep and bumpy the journey might be."

"Simply listen to what i have to say through music alone and let it inspire you in your wildest of dreams."

- Scraton

Track Listing:[]

No Title Gnere Length
1 Candy Boys Electronic R&B 7:22
2 Falling Star House 6:47
3 Flip Out Future Bass 3:45
4 New Horizions Progressive House 4:01
5 Riddim Bum Dum Riddim 5:04
6 Steep Dubstep 3:56
7 The Stoner Ambient 3:47
8 Vial of Me Vaporwave 6:17