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GRAVEDGR is a new HardTrap artist, a mysterious figure that, out of the blue became extremely popular in 2020 with his debut album "6 FEET UNDR" garnering millions of listeners, with no signs of stopping. His music has a very dark and ominous theme, in competition with Code: Pandorum's music and his music is around the theme of graveyards and burial. In an interview, GRAVEDGR said he actually used to work at a cemetery before he made music, giving himself a brand. “The GRAVEDGR story is simple to be honest. Years before I started making music, I would work in a cemetery with my father digging actual graves. I guess all that time being in a melancholy environment subconsciously inspired me to make all this dark, heavy music. I think what separates me from other artists in the scene is not only my sound, but my brand that goes perfectly with my records.” - GRAVEDGR One of the figures that inspired him to make music was an artist called Carnage. On stage, his signature appearance is him wearing a black balaclava and boonie hat and in all black rainproof clothing with thick hiking boots. He has been growing with support from artists such as Carnage, Krischvn, Lit Lords, Vulgatron, City Morgue, Flosstradamuss, and Dither.


  • 6 FEET UNDR LP (2020) (Debut)


  • RAMPAGE Remix EP (2018)


  • GRAVEDGR - BE WARY (2018)
  • Lil Texas and GRAVEDGR - KAMIKAZE - Lil Texas Remix (2019)
  • GRAVEDGR feat. Dabow - DON (2019)