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Hard Bass Crew is the most successful hardbass record label, its most successful album being Hard Bass School: The Album, a sleeper hit. It was founded by a Russian DJ named "Dr. Poky" who became big in the European rave hardbass scenes after he created Hard Bass Crew in 2011. It has mainly Russian artists but it has artists from all over Europe and one former Chilean artist (DJ Klubb).



French hardbass duo Sound Makers decided to make a record label (Sound Makers Records), to mark its launch they released a concert and mixtape called Bumping Party LIVE in 2009, and on this mixtape was the first officially released song from Dr. Poky, "Crazy Pills". Due to the low success of the record label, Dr. Poky wanted to start his own label, so he came together with Sound Makers. As a result, they made Hard Bass Crew in 2011 with the first song "Dark Style". Both saw the success of Hard Bass Crew, so they got more artists. Synthetic Drums and SPB Hard Bass Mafia made two more singles in 2011, "Let's Rock" and "Drug Abuse", which gained more streams than Sound Makers Records' music.


Due to the success, Hard Bass Crew was expanded largely in 2012, gaining seven new artists and Hard Bass Crew released the largest amount of singles in 2012, along with Hard Bass School: The Album. Then in 2012, Dr. Poky released a mixtape called Hardbass Apocalypse.


After 2012, not much happened, and while it maintained, it was less successful than 2012, 15 songs released in 2013 and only four in 2014, and 2013's Hard Bass School: The Album (mixed version) didn't do very well compared to the unmixed version. Then in 2014, Dr. Poky collaborated with Swedish deejay, DJ Rulon to make the mixtape Pumping Dancers, but it wasn't as successful as Hardbass Apocalypse in popularising the music.


In 2015, Hard Bass Crew changed its logo and started making music more consistently, and in 2015, 2012's most popular song, "Bass eXperiment" was surpassed in streams by "Hardstyle Melody". While only 7 tracks were released in 2015, stream counts were a lot higher, possibly due to the label mainly having the more popular of Hard Bass Crew's artists (XS Project, Hard Bass School, DJ Rentgen, ЖестянЬщикИ (TiNsmithS), Dr. Poky). In 2016, consistency only increased in the amount of singles produced and ЖестянЬщикИ (TiNsmithS) released a new album in 2016 (though apart from "Boom" and "Russia Spain", the songs weren't very successful). When 2017 came round, Hard Bass Crew had an unpredictable and immeasurable explosion of popularity, the largest year for the label. Suddenly, Hard Bass School: The Album was the most streamed hardbass album, 3 of its songs gaining 102 million YouTube views. "Наш Гимн" (Our Hymn) got 51 million YouTube views uploaded under the video title "Russia Hardbass Crazy Dance", which featured a stereotypical "gopnik" dancing to "Наш Гимн", "Наркотик Кал" (Narcotic Shitty) got 48 million, and "Опа Бля!" (Fuck, Yeah!) got 6 million. Due to memes. Hardbass since 2017 has been highly involved with western meme culture of stereotypes of Slavic people and Hard Bass School, DJ Blyatman, and apartje. (creator of the "cheeki breeki" meme) mainly were the people gaining millions of view counts and streams. 2017 was also the rise of satirical YouTuber Life of Boris based off of the western memes, who further popularised Hardbass with DJ Blyatman on the single "Slav King", which got 27 million views. Hard Bass School also released the #Slavsquat album in 2017. Later, Hard Bass Crew gained some more streams by making the XS Project compilations Hard Bass Is Back in 2018 and The New Pumping Attack in 2017. Today, Hard Bass Crew is less active but it is successful. Hard Bass Crew released nothing in 2019, but in 2020 they released one new albums, Hard Bass in da Gas Mask by XS Project, which did fairly well, and in 2021, DJ DBC's Hardbass Experience, which was a fail, most songs had no more than 1000 streams.

Artists Signed[]

  • Dr. Poky (Founder)
  • Sound Makers (Co-Founders)
  • XS Project (2012 - )
  • DJ DBC (2017 - )

Former Artists Signed[]

  • DJ Rentgen (2012 - 2016)
  • Sonic Mine (2012 - 2013)
  • Hard Bass School (2012 - 2018)
  • 13 Kiss (2015 - 2017)
  • DJ Klubb (2012 - 2014)
  • Hard Liner (2012 - 2014)
  • DJ DamneD (2012 - 2013)
  • ЖестянЬщикИ (TiNsmithS) (2012 - 2017)
  • Hard Lickerz (2012 - 2014)
  • UsDexx DJ's (2012 - 2014)



  • Hard Bass School: The Album (2012)
  • Hard Bass School: The Album (mixed version) (2013)
  • Luxury (2016)
  • Hard Bass in da Gas Mask (2020)
  • Hardbass Experience (2021)



  • Dr. Poky and Sound Makers - Dark Style
  • Synthetic Drums - Let's Rock
  • SPB Hard Bass Mafia - Drug Abuse


  • DJ Rentgen - Adrenaline
  • XS Project - Bass eXperiment
  • Oblivion Project - Swagga
  • Sonic Mine - Fiesta Fatal (Fatal Party)
  • UsDexx DJ's - Real Man
  • DJ Rentgen - Seems Like
  • Dr. Poky and Sound Makers - Dark Style II
  • Hard Lickerz - HB Poop
  • SPB Hard Bass Mafia - Pum Pum
  • ЖестянЬщикИ (TiNsmithS) - Bass
  • SiQuas (YesYou) - Las Hidroterapias (The Hydrotherapies)
  • UsDexx DJ's - Hymn
  • DJ DamneD and Dr. Poky - Black Metal BaSS
  • Badwor7h - We Gonna Rock Da Place
  • DJ Rentgen - Bass Fly
  • Hard Lickerz - Tolstsyak (Bloater) Reloaded
  • Sonic Mine - The Darkness
  • Battery! - B@sskervill
  • UsDexx DJ's - Full Spectrum
  • ЖестянЬщикИ (TiNsmithS) - Party Alarm
  • SPB Hard Bass Mafia and Hard Bass School - Anthem 2012
  • Hard Liner - Get Ready
  • DJ Rentgen - Dirty Work Part2
  • Sonic Mine - Hard Bass Attack
  • DJ DamneD - Saw
  • C.O.H.B - Drug Culture
  • Battery! and Dr. Poky - The Big Moog
  • UsDexx DJ's - Bumping-Hardbass
  • XS Project feat. Alateya - Внутри (Inside)
  • Hard Liner - Robot
  • ЖестянЬщикИ (TiNsmithS) - Fuck You
  • DJ Rentgen - Final Destination
  • DJ Klubb - Feel Up
  • C.O.H.B - I'm Happy
  • Mystery System - Iron Man
  • DJ DamneD - Hysterical Dances


  • Just Motion - Fat Abbot
  • Dr. Poky and C.O.H.B - Kick Da Club
  • DJ Klubb - Viva El Carnaval (Live The Carnival)
  • XS Project feat. Alateya - Мираж (Mirage)
  • Hard Liner and DJ Dead - Fuck My Brain
  • DJ Rentgen - That's Funny
  • UsDexx DJ's - Fucking Hard Bass V2
  • Darktosh - Speedway
  • DJ Klubb and E34 - I'm Your Nightmare
  • XS Project - What Are You Looking For
  • Just Motion - War Against The Devil
  • Re Activ DJ's - Project 42
  • DJ M-J - Wildstyle
  • Dr. Poky and JJ - Drug Music
  • Naval Devil - Complex Bamboo


  • AudaSpexx - WTF
  • XS Project - Just To Disappear
  • Dr. Poky, JJ, and Bass Opposition - Kamikaze
  • Just Motion - The Rite


  • DJ Rentgen - Mania
  • Ton Hora - Hands In The Sky
  • XS Project - Hardstyle Melody
  • S.A.V. Project - ЕбаШьте В КаШу (FuCk It UP)
  • ЖестянЬщикИ (TiNsmithS) and 13 Kiss - Upload
  • Dr. Poky and JJ - Kick Kick
  • DJ Rentgen - Island Storm


  • XS Project - Mad Magazine 2016
  • Richi - Night Party
  • Hard Bass School and Dr. Poky - Hanson Brothers 2016
  • Just Motion - Victim of My Rage
  • BlackBasse - Hard Bass
  • XS Project feat. Mjaugen - Da Ruckus 2016
  • Hard Bass School - Taylor Gang
  • CyC & Jeremy - Spike The Punch
  • Stomp Foot - Harsh
  • XS Project - Hooligans
  • Hard Bass School - Let Bootlek
  • XS Project - Lincoln
  • XS Project - Fu Manchu
  • CyC & Jeremy - Another Break


  • Hard Bass School - Pump-Shlak
  • Stomp Foot - Ready To Ignite
  • DJ DBC - Breaking Donk
  • Dr. Poky and Sound Makers - Free Jimmy


  • The New Pumping Attack (2017)
  • Hard Bass Is Back (2018)


  • Hardbass Apocalypse (2012)
  • Pumping Dancers (2014)


  • Hard Bass Crew changed its logo in 2015.
  • If you look into the right lens of the sunglasses of the new Hard Bass Crew logo, you can see a subtle reflection of the old logo.
  • Hard Bass Crew stopped releasing singles in late 2017.
  • Hard Bass Crew's singles have a format for each cover. Old format: each track has a (drab) colour that changes each track, the names of the artists are shown on the top and song title at the bottom. Hard Bass Crew's old "donk sign" or "shaka sign" logo is on the bottom. In the bottom left, the country where the song was made is displayed and the number of the track is displayed in the bottom right. On the very top there is text "Hard Bass Crew Records Present".
  • The new format changes the positioning of the track artist, track name, and track number data, and the lettering for the country the song was made in is replaced by the country's flag. The background is always black and the logo is different, a skull with sunglasses and headphones, chewing on the headphone cord. "Hard Bass Crew Records Present" is replaced by simply "Hard Bass Crew Present"
  • The only singles that don't abide by formats are the last 4 singles by Hard Bass Crew, "Pump-Shlak" by Hard Bass School, "Ready To Ignite" by Stomp Foot, "Breaking Donk" by DJ DBC, and "Free Jimmy" by Dr. Poky and Sound Makers.