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Jam Tuazon, better known by his alias Heksix (Born September 28, 2003) is a Filipino DJ and music producer. He has officially released 3 collections, most notably his 2020 Album The Dreamworld where it amassed around 300 Spotify streams. He is currently associated with the newly found EDM record label Outsize Records, created by DjNOM.

He currently lives in Vancouver BC where his family moved since 2005. Prior to Heksix, he started producing music in early 2015 under the alias "Musicjam122_" (deleted) until 2016 where he participated in the EDM duo "Electro Pulse Dragon" with his friend. In 2017 Electro Pulse Dragon disbanded due to his friend quitting music production, in which he underwent 2 aliases (InfiniT Driv3 until 2018 and Zinkroid until late 2018) before Heksix in early 2019.

Tuazon participates in sports like Ultimate Frisbee, American Football and Powerlifting, where he started in 2018 (He started powerlifting in 2020) in his local high school teams and recreational and club leagues. He played as an offensive tackle, defensive end and tight end in his Junior Varsity team in 2018 in the British Columbia High School Football League where he only played that year, he also tried out flag football in 2020 but got cut from the team. He played as a hybrid in his High school and recreational league ultimate team and as a cutter in club league in 2019 in the Vancouver Ultimate League, but was cut by his high school team in 2020 and was not able to participate in recreational and club league due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In late 2020, inspired by multiple people like Greg Doucette and Jeff Cavalier, he developed an interest in powerlifting alongside his love for fitness. His best achievement was a 2x bodyweight attempt for his 1-rep max on his deadlift (335lbs/151kg, he was 170lbs/75kg at the time).

Tuazon produced over 400 songs since 2016 and released around 100 under Heksix. While most releases were available through free third party music websites like Audiomack and Soundcloud, he started releasing to online stores like Spotify and Itunes in late 2020 via DistroKid. His most notable release was his 2019 remix of Human Nature by Michael Jackson which gained six thousand views on YouTube. His most notable original was his song Fool For You, a future bass collaboration between him and the upcoming artist and singer/songwriter Iselle, which was part of his album The Dreamworld. He joined the label Outsize Records, founded by DjNOM as a non-exclusive artist, where he currently is now. He has also seen popularity through releases of his music under LayverClan Music and Dubstep Mansion.

Tuazon produces music under the Dubstep sub-genre, mainly in the styles of Future Riddim, Melodic Riddim, and Color Bass. In some cases, He also blends one of the aforementioned styles with rock like in his single Rise, as well as blending them with Jazz like in his single Falling In Love With You.

He also produces his own artwork, he is more associated with variations of the color pink in recent years.


  • The Dreamworld (2020)


  • The Sky's The Limit (2020)
  • Pixels (2020)

Associated acts[]

  • Alicia Wood
  • Digital Throwdown
  • Glow
  • Iselle
  • Jansen Sinnathamby
  • Jun Young

Associated Collectives/Groups[]