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Huxley anne 2021

Crow, circa 2021.

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Gina Crow, also known as Huxley Anne and Paint, is a Los Angeles, California-based electronica producer, director and visual artist. Huxley Anne creates electronica and trap.

In early 2016, Crow and her partner and fellow producer Thomas Tsuruda formed the collaborative alias Paint, going on to produce an EP, several singles and remixes before going their separate ways in late 2017.

Crow has since taken an hiatus following her FIGS EP, focusing on directing and producing music videos and short films.


Artwork Title Details Tracklist
Ilium Release Date: 14 April 2017

Label: Dome of Doom

Formats: Streaming and Vinyl

Runtime: 31:02

  • Slant
  • Aphro Dye
  • Nin
  • Ashes
  • Celadon (with Flavio Rocha)
  • Igredo
  • Asop Fable (with Tsuruda)
  • Dragoon