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Infinity is an EP created by 501. This EP was released on the 21st September 2015.


Track No. Name Artist(s) Length Genre(s)
1 Infinity 501 5:11 Dubstep
2 Hold Back 501 3:45 Dubstep
3 Night Drive 501 3:42 Dubstep
4 Show You 501 4:20 Dubstep


  • 501's backstory of this release:
    • "I'm super thrilled to be back on NSD and release the 'Infinity' EP which has been in the works for more or less the entire year. The whole idea of the EP was to write something epic and thematic with an edge to it, so it felt natural to return to the label I've worked with ever since releasing my 'Escaping Monday' EP four years ago. A lot has changed within the scene since then but writing and releasing music is still every bit as exciting and nerve wrecking to me as it was back then. It's the yin and yang that draws me to it, the wasted hours and the small moments of gratification that make it all worthwhile."