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"memories seen through a broken heart, blinded by my own emotions and thoughts."

inmari or INMARIPROJECT, is a Chilean music producer born in 2005, and making music since early 2020.

as inmari progresses through his journey as a music producer, he encounters a whole clash of worlds that ended up developing a story based on his thoughts and feelings.


  • resetsystem505 [outsize] (2023)
  • Senjata - You & I (NiTi & inmari remix) (2023)
  • get up and move ahead (feat. unixity) (2023)
  • don't leave me [ledge] (2023)
  • 失った. (everything will be okay.) (2023)
  • flowerfield2005 (2023)
  • in search of hope (2023)
  • ZKETH - sideways (inmari remix) (2023)
  • learning how to feel (2024)
  • EVEN IF IT KILLS ME [Fumo Gang] (2023)