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Insidious Vol. 1 is the second instalment in Insidious' flagship compilation series. It showcases the underground and innovative sounds of its collective; Jiiko, Maahir, Veer and Voysol (as well as Invoy who later left the music industry). Vol. 1 is proceeded by Vol. 2.

Vol. 1 was released on 22 January 2021. The compilation is 16 minutes and 14 seconds long.


No. Artist Title Genre Runtime
01. Voysol Neotek Drum & Bass 03:51
02. Invoy Crescent Mirror Dubstep 02:40
03. Veer Bruh Moment Riddim 02:41
04. Maahir Mechanism Riddim 03:45
05. Jiiko Asymmetrical Dubstep 03:15