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Zétény Gyimesi or more known by his "english name", Timothy Ledger (born September 8, 2007), best known by his artist name Jesper (stylized as JESPER, sometimes as JESPER!) was a British-Hungarian electronic music producer and graphic artist based in Veszprém, Hungary. His music includes a wide variety of genres including riddim, dubstep, hybrid trap, house, drum and bass, indie rock, noise rock and shoegaze, although he has not released any music in the last 3 genres. He is mostly known for his usually - as he believes - stupid, childish and weird behavior and the controversy surrounding him.

Jesper claims that his music isn't really influenced or inspired by anyone, but he admitted that he does look up to all artists who have "gone further with their music" as him. Even though that, his main inspirations do include artists and/or bands like INFEKT, Akeos, Casiokids, Datarock, Wavves or Temples.

His music is heavily influenced by anime, cars, mechanics and space.

Jesper logo

JESPER's most recent logo


On April 26th, 2021, Jesper was banned from record label Outsize due to controversy, making him the first artist to be banned from the label in it's entire history. He claims that there was no serious reason to ban him and he believes Outsize are being unfair to him.

He doesn't allow us to talk about what caused the controversy around him.


Jesper started releasing under the alias PandaXD in 2018. Later on, he rebranded to Wolfman. Not much is known about his producing activity under these two aliases, all we know is that he's deleted all releases under PandaXD and Wolfman by now. He also had an indie rock side project, Eulogy and a band called Omnibusz (sometimes Omnibus)

He started the JESPER alias in May 2020 and he's only released one EP and two singles.


  • Enigma EP (November 13, 2020)


  • Akemilord (2020)
  • S.L.F (Shiketsu Laser Fight) (February 9, 2021)

Departure from the music industry[]

On April 26, 2021, JESPER announced on his Instagram page that he has officially quit music.

Personal life[]

Timothy has a sister, Heather, who he has a terrible relationship with. She commonly appeared on JESPER's early videos on his Youtube channel.