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Joaquín Aguilera, also known as Jiiko, BUNDA and neeoko (formerly BLAZTER), is a Chilean bass music producer and visual artist. Jiiko creates dubstep, trench, halftime, drum & bass, house and hardstyle.

Jiiko is a member of the Insidious collective along with Veer, Maahir and Voysol.

Aguilera made their debut as BLAZTER with two singles, Love Each Other and Maniacs, both self-released on 2 November 2019. The Jiiko rebrand was then introduced with Aguilera's single Asymmetrical, which released on Insidious' debut compilation Insidious Vol. 1 on 22 January 2021.

On 6 September 2022, Jiiko, along with VANM, Voysol, Veer, DEXAMP, Halkyon, NVCTVE, NRVE, SEWS, JPEBRO, Akeos, MAD DUBZ and Maahir, announced through a YouTube video their creation and involvement as the collective artist BUNDA, after months of speculation from their fans.  

Joaquín uses They/Them pronouns.


Artwork Title Details Tracklist


Artwork Title Details Tracklist
Telepanic [As BLAZTER]

Release Date: 25 September 2020

Label: Broken Vault Records

Runtime: 13:25

  1. Phone Song
  2. Night
  3. Witch Hunt
  4. Phone Song (ALTRN8 Remix)


Artwork Title Details
Love Each Other [As BLAZTER]

Release Date: 2 November 2019

Label: Self released

Genre: House

Runtime: 05:44

Maniacs [As BLAZTER]

Release Date: 2 November 2019

Label: Self released

Genre: Dubstep

Runtime: 02:39

Jiiko morse code
Morse Code [As BLAZTER]

Release Date: 24 July 2020

Label: Self released

Genre: Dubstep

Runtime: 04:14

Jiiko - Hypnosis
Hypnosis [As BLAZTER]

Release Date: 11 December 2020

Label: Self released

Genre: Trench

Runtime: 04:07

Jiiko - Asymmetrical
Asymmetrical Release Date: 22 January 2021

Label: Insidious

Genre: Future Trench

Features on: Insidious Vol. 1

Runtime: 03:15

MUST DIE! - CHAOS (Jiiko Remix)
MUST DIE! - CHAOS (Remix) Release Date: 17 May 2021

Label: Self released

Genre: Dubstep

Runtime: 03:17

Jiiko - Spookware
Spookyware Release Date: 4 June 2021

Label: Fresh Blood

Genre: Future Dubstep

Runtime: 03:13

Jiiko - Pink Blood
Pink Blood Release Date: 29 October 2021

Label: Insidious

Genre: Dubstep

Runtime: 3:59

TRAUMA DEVICE Release Date: 5 August 2022

Label: Insidious

Genre: Hardstyle

Runtime: 04:02

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