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Jogo is a Belgian Dubstep/Drumstep producer, whose real name is Jonathan Goris.


He’s recorded at CHRONOS RECORDS, Krypled Brain Records, Dub Cartell. Jogo: ‘Those frikkin’ noises in my brain that won’t go away…’
Singer, songwriter and pianist, Jogo, is based in NYC. His song “If I Let Myself Go” was recorded by Dionne Warwick and Chuck Jackson, on Wave/BMG Records. “If I Let Myself Go” was released as the first single from the album titled “I’ll Never Get Over You” which is Chuck Jackson’s latest album, released in Oct. of 1999. The album features Dionne Warwick as the only guest artist. “If I Let Myself Go,” was co-written with Sheree Sano. The album features a Spanish and two instrumental versions as well. The video filmed entirely in the New York City area was shot mainly in Central Park. “If I Let Myself Go” was originally recorded by Evelyn “Champagne” King on RCA Records. The Spanish version of “If I Let Myself Go,” titled “Si Me Dejo Llevar,” co-written with Julio Hernandez, won top honors in the 1994 Billboard Song Contest, in the Latin category.

Jogo stop with dubstep in 2011.


  • Jogo - FFFUUU
  • Jogo - Bunny Rabbit

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