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LizardOn or LRDN, is a hardbass and phonk producer from Yaroslavl, Russia. He has collaborated with hardbasser The Romanian Gopnik in June 2023, releasing the song "United With Sound".

His fame became bigger after releasing his phonk remix of Alan Aztec ft. R5on11c - Bass Bomber.


- LizardOn - Greenlights (2022)

- LizardOn - Boost It Up (2023)

- The Romanian Gopnik x LizardOn - United With Sound (2023)

- Alan Aztec, R5on11c - Bass Bomber (LizardOn Phonk Remix) (2023)

- Alan Walker - The Spectre (LizardOn Donk Bootleg) (2023)

- LizardOn - Bass Eruption (2023)