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London Zoo

London Zoo is the third album by electronic artist, The Bug. It was released on Ninja Tune in 2008.

Track Listing[]

  1. "Angry" (ft. Tippie Irie)
  2. "Murder We" (ft. Ricky Ranking)
  3. "Skeng" (ft. Killa P & Flow Dan)
  4. "Too Much Pain" (ft. Ricky Ranking)
  5. "Insane" (ft. Warrior Queen)
  6. "Jah War" (ft. Flow Dan)
  7. "Fuckaz" (ft. Spaceape)
  8. "You & Me" (ft. Robert Robinson)
  9. "Freak Freak"
  10. "Warning" (ft. Flow Dan)
  11. "Poison Dart" (ft. Warrior Queen)
  12. "Judgement" (ft. Ricky Ranking)