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Loompaskettee is a bass music trio made up of Sawssi-Spice, xSketteeBoi, and Meetbol. The trio create dubstep and electronica.

The trio gained hundreds of fans after their surprise appearance at Disciple Block Party 3, a Minecraft festival hosted by Disciple Recordings, before releasing their first label release on Disciple: Round Table's Knights Of The Round Table Vol. 5.

They use a meme of a goat as their logo, purporting it as a symbol of unity and tranquillity.

EPs and A/B[]

Artwork Title Details Tracklist
Loompaskettee - THE EP
The EP Release Date: 22 July 2022

Label: Disciple Recordings

Runtime: 10:51

  • wat U doin?
  • My Swag > Ronald McDonald VIP
  • Mastapeece
  • MILF (man i love frogs)
  • Sudden Jest
  • Skettee Joe
Their EP Release Date: 2 December 2022

Label: Disciple Recordings

Runtime: 10:05

  • Cunga Bunga Cowboys (with Explorers of the Internet)
  • Uh Oh (with The Frim)
  • Riddim Track (with Bandlez)
  • Knocky Block Song (with YOKED)
Loompaskettee - skettee riddim VIPs)
Skettee Riddim (VIPs) Release Date: 1 April 2023

Label: Disciple: Round Table

Runtime: 11:00

  • Skettee Riddim (VIP)
  • Skettee Riddim (VIP VIP)
  • Skettee Riddim (VIP VIP VIP)
  • Skettee Riddim (VIP VIP VIP VIP)
  • Skettee Riddim (Instrumental)
Boutta Put the Sauce On It Release Date: 11 August 2023

Label: Self-released

Runtime: 4:37

  • Boutta Put the Sauce On It (feat. herold)
  • Boutta Put the Sauce On It (feat. herold) (Explorers of the Internet Remix)


Artwork Title Details
MACANCHEES (with Parma John) Released: 25 March 2022

Runtime: 01:24

Label: Self released

Seltzer chicken
Seltzer Chicken (with Storyboard) Released: 15 December 2021

Runtime: 02:39

Label: fukn chkn

Poopoo man
PooPoo Man Released: 24 December 2021

Runtime: 01:36

Label: Self released

Other Appearances[]