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Masukomi! Is a Project started by a young producer (Age estimated to be between 15-17) "Miles Crystal Moonsen" More commonly referred to as "Crystal" or "Mintie". The project began in late Early December of 2020 and focuses on Bass music genres, the most prominent example is their Dubstep. Mixing styles of Cripplingg, Octane, HOL!, and Muerte to create odd sounding tracks with an anime appeal.

Tracks are often inspired by: Cripplingg, Octane, HOL!, Muerte, NUU$HI, Oolacile, Aweminus

They say their main goal is to join the music Label "Halcyon" and stream with the vtubing agencies of "Vshojo" or "Holostars" Along with this, they are currently a member of the label "Outsize"

Link to Soundcloud: