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Mix Master is the term given to few individuals who are accredited for being able to write mixes in several genres of music. The term, coined by Paramount Recording Studios, is a rare title given to few. As of July 21st, 2012; There are only four Mix Masters.

Mix Masters are required to be able to mix and remix music in at least five genres. While any genre is selectable, it must be a genre of music accountable by the majority of all world record labels. As such, genres such as acid, house, and other minimal electronic music genres are not selectable.

Mix Masters have three days to provide mixes for each genre. These mixes are to be played in accordance to an audience at random. The audience, composed of 150 randomly assorted people, will give the mix a rank scaling from 1 to 10. When everyone votes, the numbers are tallied and divided based of the mean of each mix. In order for a mix to pass, it has to receive an 8 or higher.

If five or more genres pass, whoever made the mixes will receive an official registration as a Mix Master.

Mix Masters are all registered by Paramount Recording Studio, and as such can only be based from them. As such, in order to obtain the Mix Master title, you must apply for the chance. If you are not registered as a Mix Master at Paramount Recording Studio, you are not a legit Mix Master.

List of Mix Masters[]

  • Paul O'Neill- Rock, Metal, Orchestral Rock, Symphonic Metal, and Grunge. Known as the write of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's music.
  • Sonny Moore - Rock, Metal, Dubstep, Hardstyle, and Alternative Rock. Known by the stage name Skrillex.
  • Luis Neilson- Jazz, Classical, Alternative Rock, Grunge, and Orchestral Rock. Died of heart attack on June 3rd, 2009.
  • Michael Adams- Rock, Metal, Techno, Trance, Dubstep, Hardstyle, Orchestral Rock, Orchestral Metal, Symphonic Metal, and Heavy Metal. Known by both DJ name DJ Grimm XL, and as famed musical composer of Supreme Philharmonic Orchestra and Symphony (formerly known as Mydnight Symphony.)

  • Italics Denote genres with highest score