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Josh Carling, known by his stage name Monxx (pronounced mon-kss and is often stylized as MONXX, ) is a DJ from London based in Los Angeles. He has been producing for over five years. He has a diverse set of genres and is rapidly growing in popularity with his debut album "World of Wonk" and only became more popular when he released his "WONKAHOLIC" EP. With his very favored "wonk" and "riddim" styles of music.



  • Turbo Dab EP (2017)
  • WONKAHOLIC EP (2020)


  • MED and Monxx - Crunch Time (2015)
  • Bleu Chair x Monxx x L.E.A - Chop Shop (2016)
  • Monxx and HEROBUST - Giant Squiddim (2017)

Unreleased Music[]

  • Virus Syndicate x Dion Timmer x Monxx - Gang Shit (Scrapped Version)