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Mothership cover
Studio album by Scraton
Artist Scraton
Released July 18th, 2019
Recorded 2019
Genre Ambient, Dubstep, Electronic, Electronic Pop
Length 31:52 minutes
Scraton chronology
Skream It Once Again
Mothership (2019)

Mothership is the eleventh album from Scraton. This album was a celebration for her having a total of 300 songs released. So instead of making a track by track album, this was more of a cohesive album sending the listener into a different continues story.


"It's been well over 7 years now and as much surreal it might seem, we have just reached 300 total songs together with this current Album! For that occasion, I wanted to do something unique this time. Give you a full glimpse into the new world created just for you, which we can experience together in one go! So instead of the usual formula, you and I are used to having individual track from each album divided to their own specific spots, We will instead go through a whole record as one continuous ride. May it inspire you to no end and help you on the journey of your life. Cause we're all in it together!" - Scraton

Track Listing:[]

No Title Genere Length
1 Ain't My Bad Electronic Pop 3:14
2 Fallen Angel Electronic 4:13
3 First Contact Dubstep 3:33
4 Home Is Where You Belong Trance 5:35
5 Lil Isle Electronic Pop 4:01
6 Monolith Ambient 3:29
7 Transmission Dubstep 3:27
8 Wannabe Electronic Pop 4:16