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Neo Subculture

Neo Subculture was a compilation released on Interval Audio and compiled by Teneki. The compilation largely spotlighted smaller talents who create hardwave and wave. It was announced on 2 July 2021 and released on 10 July 2021. It was minutes and seconds long.

No. Artist(s) Titles Duration
1. Teneki Plus Ultra
2. DYZPHORIA Ghostlands
3. Aekae Turbulence
4. smokedfilleddream Momentum
5. Bafu Mana
6. WEVLTH Secrets
7. Static Angel Pathfinder
8. SBU Ultimatum (Your Final Warning)
9. CLPR Heavy Rain
10. Serenity Neurochemisty
11. Kavern & Fedix Apogee
12. Sudoverse (ft. Geeser & Covek) S U P E R W A V E
13. Obsidia Voices