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Daniel Stephens, Joseph Ray and Alana Watson, also known as Nero, are a bass music trio based in London, UK. Nero creates dubrock and electropunk.

Style of Dubstep[]

The group's self-styled 'dubrock' and 'electropunk' mashes together euphoric synth stabs and soaring diva vocals with grinding halfstep beats and overdriven, electro basslines; creating an emotionally-driven hybrid. Nero have found success through a big room sound which merges dubstep and drum & bass with elements of 90s commercial house and contemporary trance.

Artist Discovery[]

Nero first came to widespread attention with a devastating remix of The Streets' Blinded by the Lights, Sasha Frere-Jones, a journalist for the New Yorker Magazine, listed Nero's remix of, Blinded by the Lights in his top songs of 2009. The track had radio airplay in the UK and also was played by DJs during their live sets, which transformed Mike Skinner’s bittersweet original into a monstrous UK bass banger and was a massive hit with DJs as diverse as Chase & Status, Skream, Tiësto and Diplo.


Artwork Title Details Tracklist
Nero - Welcome Reality LP
Welcome Reality Release Date: 1 January 2011

Label: MTA Records

Runtime: 01:01:00

  • 2808
  • Doomsday
  • My Eyes
  • Guilt
  • Fugue State
  • Me And You
  • Innocent
  • In The Way
  • Scorpions
  • Crush On You
  • Must Be The Feeling
  • Reaching Out
  • Promises
  • Departure
Nero - Between II Worlds LP
Between II Worlds Release Date: 4 September 2015

Label: Virgin EMI Records

Runtime: 53:16

  • Circles
  • The Thrill
  • It Comes And It Goes
  • Two Minds
  • What Does Love Mean
  • Between II Worlds
  • Into The Night
  • Satisfy
  • Dark Skies
  • Into The Past (Reboot)
  • Tonight
  • Wasted


  • Audio Phreaks, Vol 6 (2008)
  • Acts of Man Men (feat. ShockOne) [Part 2] (2009)
  • Something Else (2010)
  • Me And You (2011)
  • Promises (2012)
  • Must Be the Feeling (2012)
  • Dreams (2017)
  • Lullaby (2018)
  • End of the World/Night Thunder (2018)
  • No Rival! (Nero Remix) (2022)
  • XYZ - (Nero Remix) (2022)
  • In Da Ghetto (Nero Remix) (2022)