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Nothing but Noise
Nothing but Noise cover
Studio album by Scraton
Artist Scraton
Released November 20th, 2014
Recorded 2014
Genre Dubstep, Glitch Hop
Length 42:00 minuets
Scraton chronology
Self Aware
Nothing but Noise (2014) Syndicate

Nothing But Noise is the sixth album from Scraton.


"What better way to start a new year than a full packed album with combinations of Glitch, Dubstep and Chill all together creating a diverse fun for any time or any place you feel to listen it at. Never the less may it inspire you in whatever you wish to do in your life and keep the positive influence in your heart." -Scraton

Track Listing:[]

No Title Genere Length
1 Astor Pony Progressive House 3:42
2 Glitch Hoves Glitch Hop 3:28
3 Init Brostep 4:54
4 Meaning of Life Complextro 7:19
5 Nothing but Noise Dubstep 3:45
6 Slumber Progressive House 3:33
7 Smoke Em Up Brostep 3:33
8 Subway Dubstep 2:52
9 Things We Do Together Progressive House 4:06
10 Work It Tavi Glitch Hop 5:32