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Odyssey cover
Studio album by Barely Alive
Artist Barely Alive
Released August 13, 2018
Recorded 2016 - 2018
Genre Dubstep, Drum 'n' Bass, Electro-House, Future Garage, Hands up, Hip-Hop, Indie Dance, Nerofunk, Trap, Trance, Riddim
Length 43:38 seconds
Label Disciple Records
Producer Matt & Willie
Barely Alive chronology
Odyssey Lost In Time

Odyssey is the second album by, Barely Alive. It was first teased on YouTube in a Disciple live stream on July 31st, 2018. The next day, the official album trailer was released and put on every social media platform. The album was released for purchase on iTunes and Beatport and was also released for streaming on Spotify on August 13th, 2018.

Track Listing:[]

No Title Genre Length
1. Odyssey Riddim 2:37
2. Know About Me ft. Virus Syndicate Dubstep 2:48
3. Deeper In Love ft. Great Good Fine OK Indie Dance 3:20
4. Bad Thang ft. SPLITBREED Dubstep 4:36
5. Xenomorph Trap 2:28
6. Bounce Wit Me Trap 2:47
7. Devil's Tower Electro House 2:57
8. New Coupe/Ride Out ft. iamsu! Hip-Hop 3:05
9. War Of The Worlds Hands Up & Trance 2:34
10. Buddy ft. Yves Paquet Indie Dance 2:34
11. Wompum Riddim 3:14
12. Shutdown Riddim 3:20
13. Warrior ft. Mad Hed City Neurofunk 3:04
14. Over ft. Nah Mean Future Garage 4:14


  • Each track was released as a single with its own original album art.
  • Buddy has 8 demo versions.
  • Wompum has 13 demo versions.
  • Warrior has 16 demo versions.
  • Bounce Wit Me has 7 demo versions.