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One Week in L.A.
One Week in L.A
Studio album by Scraton
Artist Scraton
Released September 21st, 2017
Recorded 2017
Genre Dubstep, Electronic Pop, R&B
Length 30:00 Minutes
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One Week in L.A. (2017) Reel-To-Reel

One Week In L.A is the eighth album from Scraton.


Major Album " One Week In LA " was in mindset throughout the year 2017 and being shaped during the late months of August to July, bringing the spice of variety in form of R&B mixed with Dubstep as well as Pop elements for good measure.

Regardless of what genres you choose to put on top of your list, it will be perceived differently from each individual, important is what the music gives you. - Scraton

Track Listing:[]

No Title Genere Length
1 I'm On Fire Alternative R&B 3:37
2 No Pain No Gain Dubstep 4:42
3 One Week In L.A Electronic Pop 3:26
4 Paragon Electronic 3:55
5 Pop U Electronic Pop 5:09
6 Step It Up Dubstep 5:02
7 Top Notch Dubstep 4:25