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RAM Records

RAM Records is a record label established by Andy C and Ant Miles in 1992. It is seen as one of the most prominent labels in the drum & bass scene, with a high reputation and many noteworthy artists having released here.



Artwork Artist Title Release Date Release Format Catalogue Number
The Speed Of Sound
Various Artists The Speed Of Sound 1997 Compilation RAMMLP01CD
Sound In Motion
Various Artists Sound In Motion 1998 Compilation RAMMLP02CD
Molten Beats
Various Artists Molten Beats 22 November 1999 Compilation RAMMLP03CD
RAM Raiders Vol
Various Artists RAM Raiders - Vol. 1 2000 Compilation RAMMLP04CD
The Start Of Something
Moving Fusion The Start Of Something 14 October 2002 LP RAMMLP05CD
Nightlife 1
Andy C Nightlife 1 2003 Compilation RAMMLP06CD
Nightlife 2
Andy C Nightlife 2 2004 Compilation RAMMLP07CD
Nightlife 3
Andy C Nightlife 3 2006 Compilation RAMMLP08CD
Various Artists 15x15 23 July 2007 Compilation RAMMLP10CD
Nightlife 4
Andy C Nightlife 4 5 May 2008 Compilation RAMMLP11CD
More Than Alot
Chase & Status More Than Alot 2008 LP RAMMLP12CD
Sub Focus-0
Sub Focus Sub Focus 2009 LP RAMMLP13CD
Nightlife 5
Andy C Nightlife 5 4 October 2010 Compilation RAMMLP14CD
All Or Nothing
Calyx & TeeBee All Or Nothing 2012 LP RAMMLP15CD
René LaVice Insidious 10 February 2013 LP RAMMLP16CD
Future Pefect
Loadstar Future Perfect 27 May 2013 LP RAMMLP17CD
Lazers Not Included
Wilkinson Lazers Not Included 5 August 2013 LP RAMMLP18CD
Nigtlife 6
Andy C Nightlife 6 10 November 2013 Compilation RAMMLP19CD
RAMLIFE Loadstar
Various Artists RAMLIFE (Mixed By Loadstar) 18 August 2014 Compilation RAMMLP20CD
Various Artists RAMLIFE (Mixed By Audio) 22 February 2015 Compilation RAMMLP21CD
Next Generation
Bensley Next Generation 26 April 2015 LP RAMMLP22CD
Robots & Romans
June Miller Robots & Romans 22 June 2015 LP RAMMLP23CD
Play With Fire
René La Vice Play With Fire 27 November 2015 LP RAMMLP24CD
Paradise Lost
Delta Heavy Paradise Lost 18 March 2016 LP RAMMLP25CD
Calyx & TeeBee 1x1 22 April 2016 LP RAMMLP26CD
Audio Beastmode 10 June 2016 LP RAMMLP28CD
Different Breed
DC Breaks Different Breed 3 April 2017 LP RAMMLP27CD
Wilkinson Hypnotic 21 April 2017 LP RAMMLP29CD
Nightmare Street
Teddy Killerz Nightmare Street 2 June 2017 LP RAMMLP31CD
Camo & Krooked Mosaic 23 June 2017 LP RAMMLP30CD
I Need The Night
Loadstar I Need The Night 29 September 2017 LP RAMMLP32CD
Frankee Sanctuary 17 November 2017 LP RAMMLP33CD
Ice Station Zero
Bad Company UK Ice Station Zero 11 May 2018 LP RAMMLP34CD
Far From Perfect
René La Vice Far From Perfect 25 May 2018 LP RAMMLP36CD
Pleasure Palace
Killbox Pleasure Palace 8 June 2018 LP RAMMLP37CD
Mosaik (Remixed)
Camo & Krooked Mosaik (Remixed) 23 June 2017 LP RAMMLP35CD
Only In Dreams
Delta Heavy Only In Dreams 22 March 2019 LP RAMMLP40CD

EPs / Singles

Artwork Artist Title Release Date Release Format Catalogue Number
Sour Mash
Andy C Sour Mash 1992 EP RAMM01
Eastern Promise
Origin Unknown Eastern Promise 1992 EP RAMM02
Bass Logic
Andy C Bass Logic 1993 EP RAMM03
The Touch
Origin Unknown The Touch / Valley Of The Unknown 1993 Single RAMM04
Elevation Elevate 1993 EP RAMM05
Slip n Slide
Andy C Slip n Slide / Bass Constructor 1993 Single RAMM06
Beyond Bass
Desired State Beyond Bass / Killer Beat 1993 Single RAMM07