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Imagine Dragons - It's Time (Kat Krazy Extended Remix)

Track 1 - Infinite Playlist

A remix is basically a song made by one artist that has been "reformatted" or "recomposed" to keep some parts of the original, but to add the personal flair and style of the remixer.

      A list of dubstep remixes can be found here.

Remixes are typically credited as "ORIGINAL ARTIST - TRACK NAME (REMIXER, remix). So if someone were to remix a song it would end up looking like this format:

  • Benny Benassi - Cinema (Skrillex remix)
  • Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body (Skrillex remix)
  • La Roux - In For the Kill (Skream's "Let's Get Ravey" remix)
  • Noisia - Machine Gun (16bit remix)