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Round Table Reinforcements Vol. 1 is the first entry in Disciple: Round Table's revitalised Reinforcements compilation series, the previous of which was released on Disciple Recordings.

The original compilations featured largely well known artists, whilst the new focus of the series will be on rising talent in the dubstep scene.

Round Table Reinforcements Vol. 1 was released on 17 July 2020 and features 12 tracks.


No. Artist(s) Title Genre Runtime
01. Nyptane and Crow Platinum Dubstep 04:10
02. Automhate Bring The Funk Trench 04:10
03. BAINBRIDGE Zealot Trench 03:12
04. HelaSex and Mylky Shellak Tearout 03:50
05. Mighty Duck and SHVRON Invaders Trench 03:44
06. Jiqui Bloodthirsty Trench 03:11
07. NVADRZ and Alias Rundown Trench 03:33
08. BeutNoise and Levi Walsh Neural Link Dubstep 02:53
09. OCTANE and Cripplingg Bleepware Future Trench 03:38
10. Ace Aura Glass Cannon Future Dubstep 03:23
11. Klown Doinks Dubstep 02:38
12. Scann Juju Man Dubstep 04:03