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Sh!d0w is a Riddim, Future Bass, House, etc Producer from the United States, and is associated with Outsize Records.

Born somewhere on the early 2000's, he started his music career around 2018 and been trying to find his unique style. This artist looks up to artist like INFEKT, Skrude, Chibs, HOL!, Bainbridge, Automhate, and many more. He tends to help other artists find their path in music in any way as possible, as well as for himself.

Barely Is known about him, as he is said to be a masked Producer who wears a full animated LED mask which covers his face. His music style combines both the "Anime Aesthetic", and the "OG Hood" roots in each of his songs, which is why he is well know around the Outsize Records Community, and Riddim Community.

His goal is to travel the world, play music for every single person on every single corner of the world since that's what made him become a producer on the first step.